1st Nov. Will Be 100 Years and Only 6 Editors since the First Annual Edition of Jane's All the World's Aircraft Went on Sale

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LONDON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--1st November 2009 will be 100 years since the first edition of All the World’s Aircraft went on sale. During the 100 years their have only been six editors who have documented the changing world of aircraft from the Bleriot to Concorde, they have all appeared on its pages together with their statistics and technical specifications.

Jane’s All the World’s Aircraft is celebrating 100 years as the premier publication on technical and production details of all known powered aircraft, currently in, or anticipating commercial production, in all countries of the World (apart from plans-built, flex-wings, balloons and gliders). Jane’s All the World’s Aircraft sister publication, Jane’s Aircraft Upgrades, covers other significant aircraft that remain in service, but are no longer being built.

Purchased by a wide readership from top-level government officials and military intelligence officers wanting to understand the aircraft and capabilities of their adversaries, to collectors and enthusiasts studying every last rivet of these much-loved machines, Jane’s All the World’s Aircraft has cataloged the change from one-man wooden flying machines to supersonic aircraft for the past 100 years.

One of the most coveted posts in aviation publishing, editor of the world famous Jane’s All the World’s Aircraft has only been held by six different editors in its 100-year history starting with founding editor Fred T Jane who published the first edition in 1909.

Jane’s All the World’s Aircraft Editors:


1909 – 1915 Fred T Jane, founding editor
1916 – 1940 C G Grey
1941 – 1959 Leonard Bridgman
1960 – 1989 John W R Taylor
1990 – 1994 Mark Lambert
1995 – present Paul Jackson.

Every editor of Jane’s All the World’s Aircraft has compiled the book to the same principles as Fred T Jane and they all maintain the continuity by linking back to him, starting as the deputy to the previous editor creating an unbroken chain

Paul Jackson, the current editor of Jane’s All the World’s Aircraft, explained, “Taking over the editorship of Jane’s All the World’s Aircraft was a huge honour and responsibility in equal measure. As I considered the enormity of taking over this historic role, I recalled the pungent smell of the balsawood glue that I used to make my flying model aircraft; the Airfix, Frog and Revell plastic kits, the long bicycle and hitch-hiking trips to collect aircraft registrations and my spare time spent underlining them in my Ian Allan spotters’ book compiled by a certain John W R Taylor. I remembered my pocket money spent on aircraft magazines and books, writing to aircraft companies requesting pictures and information, my first cheque for 10 shillings for my first aircraft photograph published while I was still a schoolboy and the princely sum of £25 for my very first full-length article and then the slow realisation that I could probably make a living out of what had previously been a much-loved hobby.

“I felt as though my life up to then was just preparation for that moment. I remember, too, realising the daunting responsibility of assuming such a historic post with such an illustrious past and that I am charged with the eventual and awesome responsibility of handing the book over to a successor in the same, or better order than I received it. ”

The number of aircraft that have been included in Jane’s All the World’s Aircraft over the century is so vast that nobody has ever calculated it

Respect for the accuracy of Jane’s All the World’s Aircraft transcended political enmities. For instance, Cold War notwithstanding, Soviet authorities supplied Jane’s with information. During the Falkland’s Conflict, Argentina even provided details of its aircraft because of the technical reference book’s great reputation. Interestingly over the 100 years, there have been only 97 editions and this is due to various disruptions during the two World Wars.


The 100th-year edition of Jane’s All the World’s Aircraft contains details of 614 companies and 1,025 aircraft from 48 countries. Although 52 companies and 97 aircraft appear in the 2009-2010 edition for the first time, 99.5 percent of those carried forward from the previous year’s book have been updated with new information. This work is undertaken by a team of four compilers.


The printed book comprises 1,060 pages, but the text and pictures are also available in electronic form which is updated throughout the year for subscribers to this service.

The 100th edition of Jane’s All the World’s Aircraft contains 1,300,000 words in the main aircraft descriptions section, 6.7 million characters and another 55,000 words of supporting glossaries, summaries and appendices.

Jackson continued, “I have no favourite aircraft, but I enjoy entries which challenge me to provide information about the aircraft beyond that which the manufacturer has made publicly available; to get a more accurate general arrangement drawing or a wider selection of illustrations. In other words, I love just about all of them. I have always been a compulsive collector of aircraft information, so if an aircraft is worth putting in the book, it is worth treating like a favourite.”

Anecdotally, Jackson concluded, “At air shows, I will always carry a tape measure. One time I was checking the dimensions of an aircraft and a small boy asked his father, ‘What is that man doing?’ His father replied, having noticed my name badge, ’That, son, is the man from Jane’s.’ I think that is the best accolade Jane’s All the World’s Aircraft can have, as it sums up what an integral and publicly revered part of the aircraft world Jane’s is — the fact that it is an expected part of every air show that there should be a man from Jane’s there checking and studying every aircraft.”

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