Christopher Sheehan

Director – Companies & Transactions Research, IHS Markit


Norwalk, Connecticut, US


Mr. Christopher Sheehan is a director of Companies & Transactions Research on the energy industry at IHS Markit. He is responsible for overseeing global Herold transaction analysis, including the upstream M&A and Significant Energy Assets on the Market (SEAM) products. This insight research includes M&A Alerts, Monthly Perspectives, Quarterly Transaction Reviews, Year-End Transaction Reviews, and SEAM Alerts and Perspectives, as well as a global energy industry M&A database with more than 40,000 transactions. He is the primary author of the annual Herold Global Upstream M&A Review from IHS Markit, regularly presenting its findings to clients. In 1995, Mr. Sheehan joined IHS Herold, now part of IHS Markit, and spent five years as a senior analyst following North American E&P companies. He holds a Bachelor of Arts and an MBA from the University of Connecticut, US.