Laurence Allan, Ph.D.

Director – Research and Analysis Europe & CIS, Country Risk, IHS Markit


London, UK


Dr. Laurence Allan leads the Europe and CIS team at IHS Markit, assessing and forecasting political and violent risks in the region. Dr. Laurence Allan currently manages the Country Risk Europe and CIS team at IHS Markit. Previously he managed the Latin America team, including a regional intelligence team of in-country analysts and sources. He has advised a wide cross-sectoral range of corporate clients on operational risk in Latin America. He has more than 20 years of experience working on Latin American and Caribbean politics and international relations and has lived in Chile and Argentina. He was formerly a research analyst in the UK Foreign Office, and taught post-graduate politics and international relations. He has worked widely on political and violent risk across the region and prior to joining IHS, now IHS Markit, in 2011, he had worked on Latin America projects for Transparency International and Amnesty International, amongst others. He has lived in Chile and Argentina, and worked in a number of regional countries. He speaks fluent Spanish and advanced Brazilian Portuguese. He is experienced in public speaking and media engagement. Dr. Allan's university degrees from the Institute of Latin American Studies, University of London, UK, include a Master of Arts in Latin American Area Studies and a Ph.D. in Argentine Politics.