Robert Besseling, Ph.D.

Principal Africa Analyst, Economics & Country Risk


London, U.K. and Johannesburg, South Africa


Dr. Robert Besseling is a Principal Analyst to the Sub-Saharan Africa Country Risk and Forecasting Team at IHS. Previously, he was the deputy head of Africa Forecasting at Exclusive Analysis. He specializes in the political and violent risks to natural resource sectors, especially mining and oil & gas within Southern, Central and East Africa. He has traveled extensively in the region, including regularly to Mozambique. Dr. Besseling makes frequent appearances on televised media, especially CNBC, BBC and al-Jazeera, as well as regular contributions to print media, including, AFP, Bloomberg Businessweek and the Financial Times. He holds a Master of Arts (Hons.) in History from St. Andrews University in the U.K. and an M.B.A. from the International University of Monaco. Dr. Besseling completed his Ph.D. in Political and Economic History of Southern Africa at the University of Cape Town, South Africa.​