China and the Global Financial Markets

Introducing: IHS Markit

IHS Automotive principal analyst Devin Lindsay talks about the impact Tesla will have on California's ZEV mandate and how both will effect the state of the automotive manufacturing industry.

As the 16th Annual TPM commenced in Long Beach, California the world economy was top of mind, especially with global recessions effecting larger countries like Russia and Brazil, a plague of misfortune in Europe and sustaining low commodity prices worldwide. We sat down with IHS chief economist Nariman Behravesh to see how these issues will effect global trade.

On July 1, 2016, the new Safety Of Life At Sea Rule (SOLAS) will go into effect. As the impending date draws near, the maritime industry converged for the 16th Annual TPM Conference to talk about the inherent issues for shippers and potential trade disruptions that could occur. Peter Tirschwell, senior director of IHS Maritime and Trade gives a brief synopsis on what the industry can expect.

China has rattled global financial markets (again), but it will probably not drag the world economy into recession. The volatility that whipsawed global equity and foreign exchange markets during the first two weeks of 2016 made for one of the worst beginnings of a financial year in a long time. IHS, Chief Economist Dr. Nariman Behravesh sits down to talk about what's going on with China and how it will effect the rest of 2016.