Krispen Atkinson

Principal Analyst, IHS Maritime


London, U.K.


Mr. Krispen Atkinson is the Principal Analyst for the IHS Maritime’s Research & Analysis team. He has been heavily engaged in work for various projects, including tanker trends and movements for Canadian Oil Sands, undertaken in collaboration with IHS CERA. More recently, he has been involved in the IHS multi-client study “What bunker fuel for the high seas,” an analysis of present and future maritime energy requirements. The study looks at alternatives the industry could use with the new stringent emission regulations becoming enforced in the next few years. Mr. Atkinson gives presentations to shipping groups on diverse aspects of the industry and has presented on new building trends to leading industry bodies, including the Community of European Shipyards Associations (CESA) and China State Shipbuilding Corporation (CSSC). He has participated in joint presentations, focusing on the maritime impacts from global crisis, such as tensions on the Korean Peninsula, as well as providing media commentary on the Costa Concordia salvage in Italy. Mr. Atkinson joined Fairplay, the weekly international shipping news magazine in 2005, bringing extensive knowledge of the shipping industry through personal interest pursuits and the development of his own database of ships. He rapidly advanced in the management ranks and found he could apply his knowledge of ships and cargoes to the commercial arena successfully. Over the past nine years, he has worked across several data disciplines within IHS Maritime, including leading New Construction, Characteristics, Ships in Service and Ports & Terminals departments.​