James Green

Content Director, Aerospace, Defence & Security, IHS Markit


London, UK


Mr. James Green is a director of Aerospace, Defence & Security at IHS Markit and leads the Air, Land and Military Capabilities teams. IHS Markit offers customers a choice of integrated electronic subscription products and standalone titles. Core deliverables also include 40+ client webinars per year and onsite client briefings. The capabilities combine proprietary structured data on defence equipment, budgets, forecasts and terrorism; and insurgency data with primary sources. Mr. Green started his career with the Jane's editorial team in 1994 and later was a journalist with The Daily Telegraph. He rejoined Jane's in 2004 as security publisher, following three years at the International Institute for Strategic Studies, a defence and security think tank. Mr. Green graduated from Kings College, London, UK, with a Bachelor's Degree in War Studies.​