Gustav Ando

Sr. Director & Vice President, IHS Life Sciences


Paris & London
Mr. Gustav Ando is a Senior Director & Vice President within the IHS Life Sciences group. ​He has overall responsibility of the IHS Life Sciences group, which provides pricing & reimbursement, healthcare microsimulation and competitive intelligence solutions to the global pharmaceutical industry. Mr. Ando oversees the development of IHS’s global healthcare outlook analysis, with a particular focus on market access, cost of healthcare, and new treatment advances. He heads the research teams which produce daily analysis, risk assessment and critical data for the pharmaceutical industry, as well as the consulting division which focuses on disease prevention, workforce and demand healthcare microsimulation models. With over 15 years experience in the industry, he is a regular speaker at conferences and is frequently cited by major media publications and national radio and television programs. He is the author and podium presenter of research at numerous academic conferences such as ISPOR. Mr. Ando holds a post-graduate degree from the University of Uppsala, Sweden, and a undergraduate degree from the University of Durham, UK.​