Henner Lehne

Senior Director, Global Light Vehicle Forecasting, IHS Automotive


Mr. Henner Lehne is Senior Director of Global Light Vehicle Forecasting within the IHS Automotive group. He manages the Global Light Vehicle Sales and Production Forecast service and leads an experienced analyst team in each of the world's key automotive regions. In 2005, Mr. Henner joined CSM Worldwide GmbH in Germany as a market analyst, forecasting light vehicle sales in Europe. Two years later, he was promoted to manager of European advisory services. During this time, he acquired and managed European-centric consulting projects for CSM. Mr. Henner became global director for the light vehicle sales forecast service in 2008, a position he maintained after the merger of CSM and Global Insight culminated in IHS Automotive in March 2010. Since December 2011, he has also managed the global Light Vehicle Production team. Prior to joining CSM Worldwide, he worked in the central marketing department at Porsche AG in Stuttgart, Germany. He holds a degree in International Business and Marketing from Fontys University of Professional Education, located in the Netherlands.​