Bill Morelli

Director, Internet of Things, M2M & Digital, IHS Technology


Austin, Texas, U.S.


Mr. Bill Morelli serves as Director, Internet of Things, M2M and Digital Security, IHS Technology.   He is the primary analyst responsible for examining the global market for Internet connected devices, also known as the Internet of Things. He has more than 10 years of experience as an analyst for the technology industry. His expertise includes market sizing and trends for the Internet of Things, M2M communications and digital identification technologies. His research has been featured in various articles in major newspapers and magazines, such as The Washington Post, Bloomberg Businessweek and The New York Times. He speaks regularly at industry events and he has authored numerous syndicated reports and provided strategic market analysis for end equipment manufacturers and component suppliers. Mr. Morelli graduated from The University of Phoenix with a Bachelor’s of Science Degree, Business with a concentration in eBusiness.​