Lysle R. Brinker

Director, Equity Research, Company Valuation & Play Assessment


Norwalk, Conn., U.S.
Mr. Lysle R. Brinker is a Director of Equity Research in the Upstream Group at IHS Energy. With a 28-year career in energy industry valuation, Mr. Brinker is an expert in international oil economics and accounting and is responsible for overseeing the IHS Energy integrated and international equity and play analysis research. Mr. Brinker travels regularly to deliver IHS research and insights on the valuation, performance and strategies of publicly traded, global oil and gas companies. He is a frequent strategic advisor to energy companies and investors, especially on international resource portfolio management, integrated business models and capital strategies. A member of the National Association of Petroleum Investment Analysts (NAPIA), Mr. Brinker graduated from the Colorado School of Mines, Golden, Colo., U.S., with a Bachelor of Science in Petroleum Engineering.