Ben Moores, BA (Hons), M.A.

Senior Analyst, IHS Janes


London, U.K.


Mr. Ben Moores, a Defense and Aviation Analyst, IHS Janes, covers global defense procurement, defense exports and commercial aviation. His expertise also includes Defense Electronics and mission systems, plus Oman and Middle Eastern military capability. He brings nearly 20 years of experience in global defense procurement and forecasting: first as a defense analyst at the former GEC Marconi and then as a consultant working on large structured database of military procurement and defense industrial capability. Mr. Moores provided the data and strategic insight for a large US company to build a base in Europe and then provided strategic assistance on finding export markets for defence electronics. In 2005, he helped build the first true picture of the global defense electronics industry, and in 2012, he designed and built the IHS Balance of Trade, a break down of the global defense trade. Mr. Moores has been frequently quoted in publications and sought after for television and radio discussions on international defense procurement, defense industrial capabilities, defense exports and the commercial aviation industry. Mr. Moores holds a Bachelor of Arts (Hons.) in War Studies and a Master of Arts in Defense Analysis from Lancaster University, Lancashire, U.K.