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IHS Energy is the industry’s authoritative provider of information, analytics and insight to help clients understand the complex environment that shapes energy markets and asset performance. IHS Energy experts and analytical tools enable clients to continuously improve their strategy and operations across the entire energy value chain, covering oil & gas, coal, power and renewables.

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Energy Experts

  • Robert (Bob) Ineson, M.B.A.

    Managing Director, North American Natural Gas
    Houston, Texas, U.S.
    Mr. Robert Ineson serves as Managing Director, North American Natural Gas.
  • Thomas (Tom) Kellock

    Director, Offshore Rig Market Consulting, IHS Energy
    Houston, Texas, U.S.
    Mr. Tom Kellock has headed the offshore rig market consulting team since 2001.
  • Bhushan Bahree

    Senior Director, Global Oil, IHS Energy
    Washington D.C., U.S.
    Mr. Bhushan Bahree, Senior Director of IHS Energy, is a widely respected authority on global oil markets, with particular reference to OPEC and the Middle East.
  • Chip Bailey

    Director, Drilling and Completions, IHS Energy Technical
    Englewood Colorado | United States
    Mr. Chip Bailey is Director of Drillings and Completions within the IHS Energy Technical group.
  • Aaron Brady

    Senior Director, IHS Energy
    Cambridge, Mass., U.S.
    Mr. Aaron Brady serves as Senior Director, IHS Energy Oil Market Services.
  • Jim Burkhard

    Vice President, IHS Markit
    Washington, DC, US
    Jim Burkhard is a vice president and heads IHS Markit crude oil research and energy and mobility research on how the automotive ecosystem impacts demand and influences the energy and automotive industries.
  • Bob Fryklund

    Vice President – Upstream Energy, IHS Markit
    Houston, Texas, US
    Mr. Fryklund is vice president and chief strategist for the Upstream Energy Group at IHS Markit.
  • Walt Hart, Ph.D.

    Vice President, Natural Gas Liquids, IHS Markit
    Walt Hart, Ph.D. is vice president of Natural Gas Liquids Research at IHS Markit.
  • Bob Hodge

    Managing Editor, IHS Energy
    Knoxville, Tenn., U.S.
    Mr. Bob Hodge serves as Managing Editor, IHS Energy.
  • Andrew Neff

    Principal Analyst, Petroleum Sector Risk Group, IHS Energy Insight
    Washington, D.C., U.S.
    Mr. Andrew Neff serves as a Principal Analyst with the IHS Petroleum Sector Risk team, with a regional focus on Russia, Caspian and Eurasia.
  • Carlos Pascual

    Senior Vice President, IHS Global Energy
    Washington, D.C.
    Mr. Carlos Pascual, a former senior U.S. diplomat and previously the State Department’s top energy official, joined IHS as senior vice president to focus on global energy issues and international affairs.
  • Daniel Pratt, CFA

    Vice President Upstream Research & Consulting
    Norwalk, Conn., U.S.
    Daniel Pratt is Vice President and head of the Company & Transaction Group in IHS Energy’s Upstream Research & Consulting Division.
  • David Price

    Senior Director, Global Steam Coal Advisory, IHS Energy Insight
    United Kingdom (Remote)
    Mr. David Price is Senior Director of the IHS Global Steam Coal Advisory Service.
  • Lysle R. Brinker

    Executive Director – Equity Research and Analysis, Upstream Energy, IHS Markit
    Norwalk, Connecticutt, US
    Mr. Lysle R. Brinker, executive director of Equity Research and Analysis in the Upstream Energy Group at IHS Markit, oversees integrated oil company and international E&P company valuations and strategy assessments.
  • Eduard Sala de Vedruna

    Director, IHS Energy Power, Gas, Coal and Renewables
    Paris, France
    Mr. Eduard Sala de Vedruna is a Director of the Power, Gas, Coal and Renewables team.
  • Christopher Sheehan

    Director – Companies & Transactions Research, IHS Markit
    Norwalk, Connecticut, US
    Mr. Christopher Sheehan is a director of Companies & Transactions Research on the energy industry at IHS Markit.
  • Victor Shum, Ph.D.

    Vice President, Energy, IHS Markit
    Dr. Victor Shum, vice president of the Energy group at IHS Markit, leads the oil market and downstream energy consulting practice in Asia.
  • Bruce Smith

    Senior Director & Advisor, U.S. Energy Operations
    Englewood, Colo., U.S.
    Mr. Bruce Smith is Senior Director & Advisor, U.S. Energy Operations.
  • Rob Smith

    Director, Energy Insight
    Washington, D.C. U.S.
    Mr. Rob Smith is a Director in IHS Energy’s Downstream Practice. His primary mandate is the North American refining and fuel retail sectors.
  • Shankari Srinivasan

    IHS CERA Managing Director & Head of Natural Power, Gas and Renewables Group
    Paris, France
    Shankari Srinivasan is IHS CERA Managing Director and heads the Natural Gas, Power, and Renewables Group Europe, Middle East, and Africa, as well as Asia Pacific.
  • Michael Stoppard

    Chief Strategist, Global Gas, IHS Energy
    London, U.K.
    Mr. Michael Stoppard is Chief Strategist for Global Gas, IHS Energy, and leads the European energy policy dialogue. He is also Vice Chair of IHS Energy CERAWeek.
  • Gautam Sudhakar

    Director, LNG Research, IHS Energy
    Washington, D.C., U.S.
    Mr. Gautam Sudhakar is a Director in IHS Energy’s LNG Research Practice.
  • Jone-Lin Wang, Ph.D.

    Vice President and Head of Research and Consulting, Power, Gas, Coal, and Renewables—Americas, IHS Markit
    Washington, D.C., U.S.
    Dr. Jone-Lin Wang, vice president and head of research and consulting for Power, Gas, Coal, and Renewables-Americas at IHS Markit, has 30 years of demonstrated accomplishments in energy.
  • Xizhou Zhou

    Managing Director – Asia Pacific Power, Gas, Coal and Renewables, IHS Markit
    Beijing, China
    Mr. Xizhou Zhou is a managing director of IHS Markit and heads the Power, Gas, Renewables and Coal group in Asia Pacific.

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