Areas of Expertise - Product Design and Supply Chain

Product Design and Supply Chain

From design engineering to maintenance and disposition

IHS Supply Chain Management Information and Insight helps customers accelerate intelligent decision-making, improve lifecycle performance, and mitigate supply chain interruption. IHS helps companies to manage industry standards and specifications, comply with regulations, optimize direct and indirect supply, and achieve excellence in product design and development.


Designed by industry experts and backed with ISO-certified processes, the IHS Supply Chain Management portfolio includes critical information products and services, as well as decision-support and optimization tools designed to enable superior lifecycle performance.


Design: Best practice design methods and technical libraries
Comply: Industry standards, regulations, and sustainability
Notify: Supply chain, regulatory, and product lifecycle events
Manage: Components, suppliers, and parts logistics
Optimize: Indirect and MRO material supply chains


IHS offers expertise in and solutions for:

  • Best practice and design methodologies
  • Standards and regulations
  • Parts and logistics



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