Areas of Expertise - EHS & Sustainability

EHS & Sustainability

From material selection to hazardous waste disposal to emissions

Effective environmental, sustainability, climate change and chemical management is about more than just regulatory compliance. These concerns are becoming increasingly central components of companies’ strategic planning and management. IHS Environmental, Health and Safety & Sustainability solutions help companies manage these concerns -- from the corporate level to individual facilities -- by offering a complete portfolio of information and insight solutions, from EHS and chemical management to strategic consulting services for climate change management in a cap and trade environment.


IHS sustainability information and insight solutions include:

  • Greenhouse gas emissions management from operations to trading
  • Strategic industry context and investment decision support
  • Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) and chemical lifecycle management
  • Air, water and waste data management
  • Sustainability tracking, management and reporting
  • Regulatory compliance management
  • Chemical supply chain greening


IHS offers expertise in and solutions for:

  • Incident recovery
  • External reporting
  • Internal measurement
  • Management tools
  • Regulations


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